Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are You Still Having Problems Writting Great Articles

 One of the ways to get yourself noticed and have visitors to your sites is still
writing helpful artcles.  Even these blog posts are a sort of article.  I have
found a great free program that will make it a lot easier to create that meaningful
articles that more people will want to read.

I  have used it and found it to be very simple and easy to work with.  Learn more
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Article Writing Software

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Whole New Way To Succeed In MLM!


Still struggling to make an MLM system work for you?
Not getting any income or signup  to your program?

A brand new way to use MLM is about to hit the internet.
You may be one of the first to get in this TEAM approach program.

Watch this introduction video and see if you are as enthusieastic about
this program as I have become.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Grab this rebrandable report for instant-commissions...

I got this email below from Rob Toth. He wrote and
released the Money Now Report not long ago.
AND... his same free report can be re-branded
and given away as a viral instant-ca*sh

You should read his stats below. Might want
to download and re-brand a copy for yourself...

You can use it for lead capture
or as a giveaway product or as a bonus
anywhere you like and the links within it
you'll have custom affiliate links that can bring in
some passive income for you.

Here's a PART of his email...


Don't let it slip by. The thing works and it
has a viral aspect to it ... since it's
free and can be freely passed around.

Here are my stats with the report...

Roughly 3100 optins from promoting my
own page softly.

341 total referred RAP Bank users.

13 upgraded VendorPlus users.

The free users translate into instant-commissions
that get "passed up" to me. So free users
are DEFINITELY worth money.

The upgraded users translate into $47/month.

And I expect more of the freebies will upgrade
when they realize each month they're losing
clicks and sales.

I have 561 free clicks that were passed
up to me. (It's a beautiful thing!! Watch
that reach 10,000+ free clicks very soon).

I've been paid 7 commissions/sales for
products from RAP Bank that I've never even
heard of, let alone promoted. So the
"passive income" is already kicking in.
Might not seem like a lot... but I never
promoted, I never even SAW any of those
products. The instant-commissions just arrived
in my PayPal. And that's just 7 such sales

All from giving away an attention grabbing
report that talks of instant commissions.

No special magic or technique. Just giving
away the report.

And I give mine away behind an opt-in.
I know a couple of marketers just driving
traffic to their direct download page
instead. It's your choice.

Remember, the links in your viral instant-
commission report can pay out  $20, $37,
$39, $47/month, $72, $100, $175, $197 etc.


Skim that above and consider that each copy
has viral distribution abilities.

Let's face it, friends often pass around
copyrighted/paid for reports (illegally).
This one can be freely distributed so you
can be sure that it will end up in a LOT of
hands that will pass it around to other friends.

And that could be a copy of the report that's
branded with YOUR affiliate links.

Well worth looking at this especially since
optional graphics, webpages, promo tools etc
are all in place to help you give away more
and more copies of your own version of the
Money Now Report...

Daniel Silver

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here are 20 sources of unstoppable free traffic


Wanted to post this info today to
introduce you to someone who's been
under-the-radar for far too long.

A gal named Kim Roach - who I've secretly been
watching for months now.

She's a country gal at heart but don't let that fool you...

She's been beating out many of the big-name gurus with
her southern belle charm.


Most importantly...

Her traffic stats are off the charts kind of crazy!

At the ripe 'ol age of 25 she's managed to unlock
the secrets to massive traffic...testing and tweaking
new traffic strategies... plus adding her own little
twists and tricks.

If you'd like to see what she's been cookin' up in
the lab lately go now to:
All I gotta say is.

This girls got skillz!

Trust me, in a few years, Kim Roach will be a
household name. But right now, she's a
hidden goldmine.

And now she's revealing her secrets to a
select few...

Check out the full story here:
Kim combines old school tactics with new traffic
twists and tips that you won't want to miss.

If you've ever struggled with getting traffic to your
website, then you'll definitely want to check out
the video above.

Speak Soon,
Daniel Silver

Monday, December 20, 2010

Will YOUR passion make you a living?


We all have a desire or passion to do things in our everyday lives. I have a new ebook report that shows everyone how to direct that desire into ways to make a living.  Does not matter if it is online, offline or in any shop.  The guides here show you how to develop that passion and how to create a workable system to use it.

Get your report now

All it takes today to make a good living using your passion is the right direction, mindset and plan.  All these are spelled out for you in this report that can be yours today with your name and email address only.

Start living a better life now.

Daniel Silver

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Have you seen Success Quick Yet?

You are just going to love this!

A brand new 2x2 advertising system has just launched and you can get in on the ground floor NOW.

But, check this out...

This program is designed to help "feed" any program YOU want.

Do you have a favorite nutritional that costs $50 - $75 and is a bit steep for a lot of your prospects?

No worries!

Are you marketing a fun little $25 program but your audience just can't quite come up with the money to join?

We can help you!

This new Univeral Feeder, SuccessQUIK, is a one time, life time purchase of $9.95!

When you cycle the little tiny 2x2 you earn $24.95 and MORE advertising points.

Over and over again.

Optionally, jump up to the $24.95 package and cycle and earn $59 and more advertising points over and over again, PLUS earn as much as a $1,000 matching bonus for each direct referral!


And, let me tell you, the advertising that you are buying is very effective.

Yes, VALUABLE advertising!

You get advertising points that can be used and seen by over 20,000 members through 30,000 text ad impressions or 15,000 banner impressions or even 3,000 guaranteed visitors to your site.

And, for just $9.95!! (no monthly, no annual fees)


So, if you have a favorite program that is a bit out of reach for some in your audience and you need to reach a wider audience anyway, then SuccessQUIK is for you.

This is Brand New, less than 1,000 members.

Get in NOW to grab best positioning and make sure you get your leaders in before they join with someone else!

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Daniel Silver

Your Contact Information

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Want free banner advertising?

Banner advertising is one other method to get your information in front of hundreds of potential clients.
This one program is free to join and can greatly help you get exposure for no cost in money.  the system does require that you do some time investing in looking at their other banners and by promoting their program on your websites.

For the beginner or advanced amateur this is a great way to get your message out to the Internet community.
A serious look into thus program is definitely warranted today.  When developing any online business the more places that you are seen at the better chances of getting folks to know you and your products.  The link below could just be another opportunity to get more business for your own programs.

There is another reason for using them as well,
Branding Branding Branding. Yes get your logo, Site name
site colors in front of people as much as you can. People
really do remember things and the more they notice your
banner adverts the more they will think of you.

One big thing to remember is when you are surfing traffic
exchanges you can find,win, pick up some good amounts of
banner impressions and a lot of people do not use them. Why?
a common reason is they don't have a banner. That is no
longer a problem because you can use one of our ready made
banners and link it to whatever site you like.

Fed up of having to change the banners everywhere that
you promote? We can solve that too, Add our URL's in all
the sites/exchanges and just change your banner ads in one
place. think of how much time that can save...

Maybe you have lots of banner displays in one place but want
to show banners all over the net without all the work
involved. Add our code where you have banner impressions
and get your banners shown in a number of places.

Got a busy site? add our code and display banners on your
site in exchange for us showing your banners in multiple
places and other sites.

You have heard of banner exchanges but none have taken it
to anywhere near this level before, Click below to see more

Why not click here and get started today?

Daniel Silver